Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn Equinox Newsletter 2013

Just in case you are wondering what's going on right now and how to support yourself at this time, here's my summary:

This is an amazingly powerful time of year.  The autumn equinox can feel a big challenge for many of us.  It is a time of letting go of the accumulations of the high summer energy we have had (and that was big this year!!).
We are at the flipping point of the year where the energy starts to contract.  We can feel this change in the blustery erratic weather these past couple of weeks.

We can feel it in our bodies.  Any symptoms we currently have may feel worse. 

We are entering the Chinese 5 Elements, Metal Element.  This means our colon, lungs, skin and mind are especially being affected.  So if you have problems with your gut, digestion, asthma, eczema, mood then you may notice these become more pronounced during these weeks.

To help support yourself at this time, make your food choices very simple: fish or poultry and vegetables made into soups or stews.

Lots of Chicken or fish bone broth – daily, to aid your gut health and therefore support your lung and skin health too.

Focus on hydration, so bulk drinking in between meals -up to 1 pint at a time (not more in an hour).

If you can, focus on naturopathic techniques such as skin brushing, Epsom salts baths with lavender.  You can add any other oils you like too – frankincense, peppermint, eucalyptus.  If you add a spoon of bicarbonate of soda to your bath this will increase the alkalinity of your body.

You will benefit from exercise at this time of year which will keep your moods lifted and help elimination.  I recommend you start with short intense bursts of exercise (HIIT).  This could be short bursts on a exercise bike, running up a hill, running up and down the stairs in bursts with intervals of gentle exercise to get your breath back then repeat 5-8 times.  Or you may like to play sports like tennis that involve lots of short bursts of intense exercise. Also press-ups either on the ground or against the wall, pull-ups and squats will all have a very positive effect.

You may find you are particularly emotional at this time.   You may experience anger or even rage.   I have read that there is a great deal of planetary activity right now which will be having a profound effect on our cells in addition to the equinox.  There is a grand cross of planets which align every 11 years and are to do with communication.  It is a time for the feminine to come into balance with the masculine that has dominated our world until now.  We are being given a big wake up call to feel feminine anger.  If you go with this energy and allow yourself to get fired up, the anger can pass through and not cause us pain. I recommend using EFT (tapping) on whatever comes up for you to acknowledge those emotions and allow a release and letting go on this level as well as on the physical.  This will help you to find your voice in a diplomatic and harmonious way and create the exciting new world you want for yourselves.

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and you find your mood beginning to drop then this is a good time to engage in something that you really enjoy – singing, sport, art, something creative, something for yourself that really uplifts you.  The exercises mentioned before will really help raise your mood too.

I recommend you start getting to bed earlier and pay attention to stopping any blue light (given off by laptops, ipads etc) ideally by dusk but definitely at least 2 hours before you sleep.  This gives your brain the signal to produce melatonin the hormone that signals your biorhythms of deep restorative sleep.

Even though we had a brilliant summer, the light is reducing now and so you may need to think about supplementing with Vitamin D.  This is something you are best discussing with me in a consultation along with any other supplementation that may be supportive for you individually.  If you are taking lots of supplements you may also want to review these at this time.  If you are feeling the effects of the equinox physically then reduce or give yourself a few days off over the equinox and focus on nurture and naturopathic techniques.

If you would like to come and see me, do give me a call or email to book an appointment.

I wish you a very happy equinox where you ride the waves!

All best wishes


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